Kristi LaRee

Kristi LaRee


Kristi LaRee began writing songs at just seven years old right here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Following after her grandmother’s love for the piano she began playing by ear, finding joy in melodic creativity. By the age of thirteen she was actively performing in area churches and venues with her binders already bursting with original songs. Her lyrically driven music and from the soul delivery drew in listeners immediately. She continued to branch out in her skills, growing both as a writer and performer with her audiences and following growing with her.
Skip forward to last year and you will find her attending the 2014 Wild West Songwriter’s Festival. There is where her music grabbed the attention of industry professionals listening as she was invited to play on stage as a guest of The Farm. From there Kristi LaRee’s music ended up opening doors for her in the music industry that she has dreamt of since she began writing. Now living in Nashville, she is continuing to see fulfillment of her songwriting dreams while remembering her country roots from South Dakota.
Not only has Kristi LaRee been busy working on her new music career in Nashville but she has also been heading up and organizing this year’s local and regional songwriter events and opportunities newly added for this year’s festival.
“I’m so grateful for this event, as it has played a key part in opening up a future for me musically that I have worked towards and dreamt of for so long. The Black Hills has always been known for its “discoveries” and the “gold” of the area talent is shining all over! To be able to help open things up for the local and regional talent with what is being added this year and be a part of that is huge. Its wonderful to see everyone get to shine! Its always been my most looked forward to event, so to be a part of it this year in these many dimensions is surreal to me.” Says Kristi.
Kristi was also deeply involved in the custom guitar charity auction project for this year’s festival, from the artwork and design to the charity outreach and coordination.
“To be able to give back to our troops and honor our veterans has always been important to The Deadwood Mountain Grand and to me! To be able to do that through this custom, one-of-a-kind guitar is just outstanding!”
The guitar will be auctioned off and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Homes For Our Troops.
After this event Kristi LaRee will return to her home in Tennessee where, among other things, she will be playing at the Bluebird and Listening Room later this Fall.